Etched Picture Frames

Here are a few examples of etched picture frames.
Frames can be perosnalized however you wish.
Custom sized picture frames are available also.
Contact me for a price quote.


Etched Picture Frames

The large 8"x10" picture frame with
the roses and ribbon etching,
$ 13. 00 + shipping.
Now Only $ 12.00 + shipping.

The smaller 5"x7" frame with
roses cost
$ 8. 00 + shipping.
Now Only $ 7.00 + shipping.

Email me for better pictures of the designs used.

Rosses & Ribbon "Mom" Frame

This is an 8X10" Frame with Roses & Ribbon.
"Mom" is also etched in the glass.

The etchings were colored in Autumn Gold.

If you would like to purchase
this specific item, the cost is:
$ 15 .50 + shipping.

cost is
$ 15.00 + shipping.

You may substitute the name "Mom" for
any other name or saying. Up to 15 letters.

Custom sizes are also available.
Contact me for a price quote.

Antique Car Frame

This is a black & grey marbled finnish,
8.5 X 11" document picture frame, with
an antique car, hand etched, on the bottom,
right corner and colored in autumn gold.

If you would like to order this specific item,
the cost is:

8 X 10" Picture Frame - $ 17.00 + shipping.
8.5 X 11" Document Frame - $ 18.00 + shipping.

Choose from black marble
or oak finnish frames.


Poem Frames

This is an antique, silver & gold finnished, 8X10" frame. It has a rose graphic hand etched on the top right corner of the glass. There are also 16 lines of hand etched lettering.

Pictures may be placed behind the etched glass.

Send me your poem. 10 to 15 lines (50 letters per line), and the poem title.

Use the rose graphic shown or you may choose from other designs of similar size. Email me with your suggestions.

To order a frame like this one (with your choice of words,) the cost will be $ 25.00 + shipping.

8X10" Frosted Oval Frame

$ 9.00 each + shipping.

Name Frames

If you would like an 8X10" picture frame with one name (up to 10 letters) Placed on the bottom or top of the frame, the cost is
$ 11.00 + shipping.

To add 1 color to the lettering, the cost is
$ 11.50 + shipping.

Choose your favorite letter style.
Go to the LETTER CHOICES page to choose letter styles.

Contact me for custom size frames.